Chain furnaces


Indicated for the heating of long billets,with round section, square, rectangular, large billets and preformed.

Among the significant advantages offered by the chain furnace, the most important are:

  1. Production immediately fully operational since the first delivered hot billet
  2. Automatic emptying of the furnace and forging tothe last loaded billet.
  3. More homogeneous heating.
  4. Absence of impurities on the surface of the billet and thus a greater duration of the mold.
  5. High flexibility makes it very suitable for small, medium, large series as well as for sampling.

The chain furnace, specially designed according to the customer's needs, is produced in every single piece and assembled in our facilities, so as to be able to guarantee the quality and promptness if it is to be replaced after years of service. It has developed into a special alloy (derived from the aerospace industry), that guarantees almost no maintenance and a minimum duration of approximately 5years.

The oven shafts are made by Maestri in a monoblock of special steel bi or tri-alloy according to the temperatures reached, and the arrangement of the same in the oven. Their construction is very complex, but guarantees the duration in time, also thanks to small construction expedients learned over time.

The oven chamber is built by following a Maestri now validated production process that goes from the selection of the most suitable mixture, we studied with our technology partners, to 'preparation of the molds of the part by our workers, to the jet, and drying according to a procedure that since the 50s has guaranteed to our chambers reliability and superior durability over time, as well as the ability to quickly bring the chamber in temperature at the beginning of the day, thanks to the stability gained by the elements that allows to push the oven at maximum power without a pre heating.

In accordance with the needs of the customer there are many possible versions, in fact you can choose:

  • Width of heating chamber: min. 160mm max. 600mm
  • length of the heating chamber: min. 2000mm max. 6000mm
  • Autoloader: the version for billets weighing up to 1.5 kg or for billets up to 10Kg.

The maximum working temperature inside the chamber is 900 ° C.

The thermal adjustment is accomplished by thermocouples specially built to our specifications, that depending on the customization of the furnace are arranged along the chamber. It’s practice for some time, to divide the heating in independent areas of each other and integrate the control via thermocouples with an optical system with pyrometers that goes instead to adjust the chamber temperature depending on the temperature of the outlet piece, ensuring greater accuracy.

The heating is made with small gas burners (methane or LPG) divided equally within the chamber so as to make the temperature uniform. The distribution of the mixture system is completely designed, constructed and verified by the staff of the Maestri, including the burner heads of our domestic production of special alloy.

All ovens of the CT series, unless special needs, assemble the heat exchanger Maestri that raises the thermal efficiency of the furnace by limiting the consumption of gas up to 25% and the new thermal regulation and control system of the fan speed (patented), which also contributes to reduction in use of gas and electricity, guaranteeing a better thermal regulation and reducing noise of the machine.

The electrical panel is integrated into the machine, and therefore does not require additional space. The operator panel is located in front of the machine and assemble termoregolatori elements and the touch control panel flanked by physical keypad.



The furnaces of CT-P series, constructively similar and derived from the CT series sharing all the main characteristics, are particularly suitable for high productivity lines. Depending on the model are available 2-3-4 or more parallel rows of billets on the chain inside the combustion chamber. On each row of billets acts a row of gas burners with independent regulation in order to ensure maximum temperature uniformity on all files.

The heat exchanger is also standard here, as the new thermal regulation and control system of the fan speed.

The orientation of the billet is made with a vibrating plate provided with selectors rollers. The billets are conveyed correctly in columns directly on the oven chain without the need for any device.

After leaving the chamber of usually heating furnaces they are equipped with a reincolumnator that provides to put in a column hot billets on one or more files.



All Maestri ovens are compatible with a variety of equipment and controls that are not always included in the standard machine, as these are essential in some cases but not very useful and not justifiable in others.

In red are highlighted devices or the devices highly recommended by Maestri.


  • load of the billets through the Cartesian axes system 3-axis system, which is necessary in the case of preformed, or small size billets, where surface finish is crucial and the provision on the chain must be controlled numerically, to know the number of pieces provided.
  • Lowered and narrowed frame, to save space, however, suitable for small productions, or with operator often engaged in the load, given the limited size of the hopper.
  • Mobile bar feeder for not score the surface of the billet where the printed surface finish is essential



  • multi zone system. The chamber is composed of n zones, according to the needs and to the length of the chamber, usually 3, independent of each other, which allow to heat the billets according to a controlled ramp and / or work with fewer areas compared to the total in the case of particular needs, making the machine very flexible.
  • Optical pyrometer on a billet at the exit of the oven with integration Software-Hardware
  • pyrometer multi-modular system with a device for the area (including SH)
  • pyrometer multi-modular system with control of the outlet of each single row. (S & H included) This solution is recommended in the forging of critical parts, where the accuracy of the temperature in the forging has an enormous influence on the quality and strength and durability of the finished product.
  • Synchronous press, which adjusts the speed of dispensing of the pieces from the oven according to the velocity of the press
  • anti fusing system in two guard levels, which acts on the temperature control in the event of downtime on the press.



  • Hopper.
  • Programmable Auto power.
  • Diverter hot billets.
  • Loader for billets nonstandard.Software production control, remote monitoring, diagnostics
  • chain oven press connection.
  • Linear Reincolonnatore of hot billets.
  • Centrifugal Reincolumnator for hot billets.
  • External Charger baked with automatic caissons limelight system.





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