The Family Maestri deals with the technology of metal since its distant origins, when the ancestors of the current owners were forging weapons, such as swords, spears and rods for rifles to the Duchy of Milan and the Republic of Venice in their forges of Val Trompia, to move in 1650 in the municipality of Calcinato (BS) current headquarters of the company, to manage the new local mallet owned by the municipality, then redeemed by the family.

The activities of forging hammer with water has continued unabated until 1953, the year of Master Amadio Maestri death, father of Pietro, who found the family business decides to change the company's production, considering the production techniques adopted so far too archaic and unprofitable, and the growing competition from new mechanized factories. Pierino working as a blacksmith adjusts around for some time in the area, sees the need for new modern type of machines to increase the production especially during the heating of metals and designs its first industrial oven.

Since that time the company, while maintaining a strong link with its origin shifts its focus on the manufacture of these new machines, investing every year in the implement of the production units and research and development of new forms of application and technologies in our field.

From over 65 years, we produce industrial furnaces, in conjunction with equipment and machinery inherent in the forging and processing of metals, sometimes for different purposes also building machines on demand.

Although metals, our main field of application, over the years we have built applications for the heating of plastics, rubbers, organic materials, crematory ovens, for heating food, for the treatment of asbestos waste and many more.

Today the company is run by Pierino's sons, Fabio and Marzia, respectively, the technical and administrative managers of the Masters srl.

Corporate Philosophy

As Pierino and its ancestors before him, Maestri builds all products independently, starting from design, passing to the realization of carpentry, mechanics, refractories, of the gas and of all the parts of the machine not consumer as fasteners, bearings, etc.

For us it is important to be self-sufficient in the production of every detail of the machine, in order to preserve and develop the ability to solve many different problems that can manifest itself.

Our machines are designed and produced to order, which means a total integration of the machine with the customer's needs (space, manufacturing, automation, etc.) and expert advice and targeted to the optimization of the design of the entire plant or line production.

The assistance to our machines is carried out by the same men who build them, which guarantees the customer maximum efficiency in terms of maintenance and troubleshooting of possible problems, provided that our machines are built to last with sturdy frames and isolations consistent to work in any type of work environment.