Customized machinery construction

The customer

In Maestri the customer is at the center, and this has led us to embark on a journey from the beginning where the machine is built on direct specification of the same, most of the time creating something completely new, previously non-existent .

Research and development

The research and development sector is the key of our products because through this you can sew around the customer the machine that best suits its needs. The continuous production of new chambers and testing of new materials allow you to adapt the long tradition and experience to the diverse technological innovations creating a reliable product and in step with the times. Just to make an idea the Maestri has more than 50 different types of burners of domestic production of which only 6 are standard models, as well as those of offshore trade, 11 different types of heat recovery, and a 'huge number of chamber models and chain, this is because according to the specific end-user requirements, you go to build a machine that adheres to the deepest needs of the buyer.

Automatism and quality

With the exception of some specific processes, stretches and will tend more and more to automate regarding the production and its machines, in order to speed up production and standardize the quality, for this for some years to this part produce ovens "easy adjustment", that is easy to adjust, where by varying few and intuitive parameters, the machine automatically adjusts, infinitely reducing errors and downtime, allowing to have a constant product quality over time regardless of the operator of the machine.

For the hot-forging

Maestri from its foundation realizes high-tech ovens for the molding and heat treatment of metals, this is the case of fully robotized high-speed forging lines or for the pressing of preforms which are designed starting from production required by the customer to achieve the optimization of the spaces and to the minimization of gas consumption. It’s also possible to design the most modern lines with the treatment furnace in the continuous production cycle to save in terms of time and internal logistics at the factory. An absolute novelty is the round type furnace with loading and unloading by robot for large pieces, allowing you to have substantial chamber developments in reduced spaces and a series of other innumerable advantages.

Related machinery for forging

  • Bar graphitizing machine
  • monobloc bending in line hydraulic press cnc controlled
    furnaces for preheating of the molds
  • burners for preheating the molds
  • Chains of connection the line
  • offloading arm press pick & place 2 + 2 axes cnc controlled

Other productions

  • Electric furnaces or gas for the heating of any material
  • furnaces for reheating automotive sandwich multi material
  • furnaces for tempering glass
  • Furnaces for the drying of turning
  • Food furnaces
  • installations for the environmentally safe disposal of waste without flame
  • ovens for any application for which you know the thermal cycle to generate
  • furnaces and laboratory equipment

the special production not only includes ovens but also endless equipment or similar machines for series production and to the world of hot forging, but also laboratory equipment, small carpentry bending machines, construction machines, furniture and equipment for fairs and festivals.

Our production is extremely wide and the possibilities for realization are practically infinite, being our very flexible structure and possessing the means and equipment for produrcing autonomously what is difficult to find on the market, allowing us to offer the customer a quality product with brand MAESTRI from A to Z.

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