Maestri is not only selling machines, but solutions of co-engineering,where the project is being developed by our technical division and construction implemented locally by the costumer, in conjunction with an advisory service to 360 ° regarding our fields of interest, such as ovens, and design of forging lines and heat treatment. Besides that we provide service to all our machines and more, making if the customer deems appropriate to the withdrawal and / or the review of our machines and other manufacturers.

We provide where necessary automation needed to operate the line.

Team Working

The staff of Maestri Ltd. is highly specialized, and able to manage all the production processes of the machine, being in turn each responsible worker of the construction of the same, and then following the machine from the initial stages of the frames construction, the phase of painting, production of components, all 'assembly until the final tests.

Our strength is our flexibility, made by people who are able and willing, that continue every day to engage in complex projects and different with enthusiasm and curiosity.