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The history of our company is rooted in ancient metalworking, which led our ancestors from forging weapons for the Duchy of Milan and the Serenissima Republic of Venice to the management of the water-powered hammer in Calcinato (Brescia) in the mid-eighteenth century.

It was here in 1953 that Pierino Maestri took over the family business and, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit that led him to innovate production, he began to make machines for metal heating and built his first automatic industrial furnace, giving rise to today’s core business of our company.

Tradition, method and technology for solutions that make your work easier

Over the years, Maestri Forni’s growth has continued apace, thanks to constant investments in the research and development of new technologies and the identification of new applications for metalworking, as well as the constant improvement of internal production.

For 70 years, the passion for craftsmanship and the values that have driven our company for generations have led us to always seek the solution that best meets the customer’s needs: we don’t just offer a plain machine, but we propose a solid working method and a tailor-made project that ensures effective application.

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