Heat treatment furnaces and lines and cooling tunnels

Brass alloys
Aluminium alloys
Steel alloys
Composite materials

Brass alloys need to be treated to guarantee specific chemical/mechanical properties, or to guarantee the uniformity of the structure following processing (hot stamping, high speed machining, etc.). We can propose solutions for box treatment, or in-line solutions for the treatment of parts in passage.

Aluminum alloys must be heat treated, especially after the stamping process to give the material specific mechanical properties. For example, to bring the material to the T6 state, it is necessary to carry out a solubilization treatment (commonly called hardening), followed by an artificial ageing treatment. It is also common to carry out treatments on extruded materials before cold plastic deformation processes (hydroforming, cold moulding, etc.). We can propose solutions for treatment in boxes, or in-line solutions for treatment of parts in passages.

Steel alloys are treated in numerous ways (hardening, annealing, normalization, etc.).  Our furnaces for loosening residual stresses following the hot deformation process or for treating alloys used in the agricultural sector are particularly popular. We manufacture in-line or stand-alone machines of large and small sizes, for automated industries or for craftsmen.


For quality heating of billets, pads and plates made of brass alloys and some aluminum alloys



For heat treatment of alloys in passage and large batch handling


Muffle furnaces

For a wide variety of heat treatments and small batches


All in one

The complete and compact solution for your aluminum production T6

Cooling tunnels

Engineering solutions for process optimization


Tailor-made solutions

Every company is unique and has different needs, our goal is to find a solution to meet them.

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