Companies looking for an industrial furnace often have specific needs related to the processes or materials used in production. Is it possible to reconcile these needs with a standard solution?

14 February 2023

Customized industrial furnaces: the advantages of an ad hoc solution

In fact, the problem arises when the company is limited in its choice by the standardized models on the market, with the risk of choosing a solution that only partially meets the needs and does not allow for process optimization.

The need for a customized industrial furnace arises when:

  • special materials are used in production
  • the amount of material to be heated is large
  • precise temperature uniformity is required
  • very high temperatures are required
  • stringent parameters relating to energy consumption are present
  • emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere must be reduced
  • space in the customer’s plant is limited
  • existing equipment in the plant must work with the furnace
  • there are automation solutions to be integrated with the furnace

What benefits can be achieved by entrusting us with a customized project?

  1. Production optimization: the customer’s production processes are streamlined and made faster through furnaces and machines that meet the required performance level with extreme accuracy.
  2. Improved space management: by making a customized furnace or machinery, the available area in the plant is better utilized.
  3. Flexibility in terms of components: the fact that the furnace is not a solution from a specific brand makes the search for any spare parts easier.
  4. Adherence to regulations: by designing an ad hoc solution it is possible to comply with all the regulatory standards present in each country or related to specific industries.
  5. Energy saving and emission reduction: when designing a customized furnace or machinery, great attention is paid to the levels of atmospheric emissions as well as energy consumption, ensuring savings and the lowest possible environmental impact.

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