All in one

The complete and compact solution for your aluminum production T6



It is a machine designed to give autonomy even to small manufacturers while containing costs, space and construction work.

This furnace represents the complete solution for carrying out solubilization and premature ageing treatments in an all-in-one machine, without the need for building work or holes in the plant.

The machine is offered in an above-ground design, and features a mechanical lift integrated into the structure.

The heating muffle and the lift have two independent roller floors and allow a complete heat treatment cycle to be managed independently. The tank is integrated into the furnace frame. The furnace is plug & play, it is shipped and installed within 3-4 days and ready to produce the first batches.

For small producers or to make up for supplier delays in an emergency

The all-in-one machine allows you to be autonomous in the case of small batches or in borderline cases where suppliers are overworked and cannot handle the demand, allowing you to meet deliveries, having a low-cost machine, guaranteeing the quality of treatment.

This solution is available electric or gas.

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In order to protect the technical/scientific heritage matured over the years by our company, the technical information contained in these pages is of a general nature, and deliberately does not go into specifics regarding many constructional/conceptual aspects, as these are liable to be replicated by competitor companies. Should you require further information concerning the machines or their working methods, please contact our technical department, which will be pleased to provide further information.
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