Cooling tunnels

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Tutela del patrimonio tecnologico e know-how
Protection of technological heritage and know-how
In order to protect the technical/scientific heritage matured over the years by our company, the technical information contained in these pages is of a general nature, and deliberately does not go into specifics regarding many constructional/conceptual aspects, as these are liable to be replicated by competitor companies. Should you require further information concerning the machines or their working methods, please contact our technical department, which will be pleased to provide further information.

Cooling is a serious issue, especially if you have to meet production times in automated lines, where natural cooling time cannot be accepted.

We have developed an ultra-tested system to manage cooling in a controlled and precise manner. The cooling tunnel can be offered as a batch version, to be included in HTFR-type treatment furnaces, or as a pass-through version, to be installed after a moulding line or following a CTT-type pass-through treatment furnace.

This system makes it possible to speed up working times within a line and to control the cooling of certain alloys (especially brass) subject to critical temperature thresholds that, if not taken into account, could lead to the generation of defects and cracks in workpieces.

Cooling in a controlled and efficient manner

Just like heating, cooling can and must be controlled through a proportional control system that operates on machine parameters, in order to flexibly manage the work cycle.

In addition to ensuring punctual operation, the inverter-developed system also limits power consumption, allowing the desired result to be achieved with the least possible expenditure of energy.

High volume, low pressure, guaranteed uniformity

Our system uses a heat exchange principle derived from the radiator concept, to increase the volume of recirculated air rather than the local pressure on the parts to obtain a lower average exchange ∆ and increase the uniformity of work, avoiding the concentration of heat exchange.

This system makes it possible to work with high-efficiency generators using fans with a larger section operating at low revolutions to limit consumption.

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