CTA – Chain Furnaces for moulding

For the precise heating of aluminum alloy blanks


Tutela del patrimonio tecnologico e know-how
Protection of technological heritage and know-how
In order to protect the technical/scientific heritage matured over the years by our company, the technical information contained in these pages is of a general nature, and deliberately does not go into specifics regarding many constructional/conceptual aspects, as these are liable to be replicated by competitor companies. Should you require further information concerning the machines or their working methods, please contact our technical department, which will be pleased to provide further information.

Chain furnace with indirect heating (hot air) produced through its recirculation in a multi-chamber suction system designed and built to optimize the flow and temperature uniformity.

Type of heating

The indirect heating technique (hot air) is optimal for aluminum: through this system the piece is heated gradually and uniformly in all its sections (even preformed pieces or multiple molding phases), and the final temperature of the component is the same as the air in the chamber where the piece is located.

We therefore gain two significant advantages, a precise and homogeneous heating, together with a surface that is not oxidized at all and free from defects due to exposure to more aggressive types of heating.

Heating indirectly with air allows you to stop your production (failure on the press, mold adjustment, etc.) and keep the material at temperature without the risk of dripping.

These features make the machine able to produce without any safety concern, even in delicate alloys (series 2000, series 7000), where the precision of the molding temperature is very binding to guarantee the proper mechanical properties to the molded part.

In fact, process technologists strongly recommend the use of this type of heating specifically on parts for the automotive, aerospace, defense and in general where a high technological content is required.

Power supply

This type of furnace is available in gas or electric version, using radiant tubes or air heating resistor packs.

The result on the piece is the same in both cases.

Chamber and fans

New chamber and new fans for superior uniformity and precision.

In order to meet the ever-increasing demands of our customers’ quality productions, we have developed a new chamber design, which combined with a new type of suction turbines guarantees an innovative, more efficient and consistent air circulation.

To achieve this, the heating process has been divided into phases, pursued individually in chamber modules (cartridges), giving us the possibility to apply the same concepts on machines of different sizes, being able to scale up the modules to obtain the same result on large and small machines.


Nowadays quality also means producing well-groomed surfaces, without marks or streaks.

For this reason, we propose a multi-blade loader combined with a NC loading portal.

This system, in addition to reducing shocks, allows the furnace to independently manage and optimize the heating surface, arranging the pieces (billets, pads or parallelepipeds) in the most efficient way possible, without burdening the operator with the responsibility of programming the positions of the Cartesian system, reducing the risk of errors and consequent machine downtime, all with a tooling time of less than 10 minutes.

All our furnaces have the possibility of manual loading for preformed pieces or those with irregular shapes. By selecting the appropriate mode, it is possible to deactivate the loader and manually lay the parts on the belt.

Unloading system

The machines are equipped with an NC unloading system, which allows the handling of regular shaped pieces (billets, pads or parallelepipeds) in an orderly manner, operating completely inside the chamber, to avoid cold air filaments affecting thermal regulation and efficiency.

The system, an axis driven by a brushless motor, is autonomously controlled by the supervisor program and does not require positioning or adjustment operations by the operator, but autonomously adjusts its range and working mode according to the dimensions of the pieces.

The pieces are already oriented and can go directly to the manipulation system of the press.


We produce internally all the components, choosing the most valuable and suitable materials.

The mechanical machining, the carpentry and all the systems of the machine are conceived and produced internally.

For commercial products, on the other hand, we look for and assemble the best the market has to offer, proposing something that lasts over time and is easy to maintain.

Process supervisor program

The machine is equipped with a management and monitoring software of the working parameters, which through a wide and intuitive HMI interface allows, through numerous and exhaustive illustrations, to have under control the working cycle immediately and to modify it according to the production needs.

The machine also has an integrated library of parameters and working conditions, which is compared with the active program and generates feedback in real time that suggests to the operator whether the choices made are precautionary or jeopardize the final quality of the printed product.

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