For heat treatment of alloys in passage and large batch handling


Tutela del patrimonio tecnologico e know-how
Protection of technological heritage and know-how
In order to protect the technical/scientific heritage matured over the years by our company, the technical information contained in these pages is of a general nature, and deliberately does not go into specifics regarding many constructional/conceptual aspects, as these are liable to be replicated by competitor companies. Should you require further information concerning the machines or their working methods, please contact our technical department, which will be pleased to provide further information.


Brass, aluminum, steel


The CTT series (gas-fired) is designed to treat material placed directly on the furnace belt, so that parts are treated one by one.

Traceability and quality without compromise

This type of machine is designed for high productivity production lines that need to guarantee a superior quality of the final product that can be continuously monitored.

In the CTT furnaces, the parts are arranged on the conveyor and pass treatment directly at the exit of the moulding lines to increase energy efficiency, using residual heat as starting point of the process and saving energy in the temperature rise phase.

Type of heating

The machines can use direct heating (flame in the chamber) or indirect heating (hot air).

Furnaces with direct heating feature an innovative radiant chamber that allows uniform, high-power heating of workpieces as they pass through.

This type of furnace is used in high temperature treatments especially on brass and steel.

Hot-air furnaces, on the other hand, are indicated above all for aluminum, and have a cartridge chamber system, where through radiant tubes and centrifugal fans the air is generated that will be used to heat the parts.

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