For quality heating of billets, pads and plates made of brass alloys and some aluminum alloys


Tutela del patrimonio tecnologico e know-how
Protection of technological heritage and know-how
In order to protect the technical/scientific heritage matured over the years by our company, the technical information contained in these pages is of a general nature, and deliberately does not go into specifics regarding many constructional/conceptual aspects, as these are liable to be replicated by competitor companies. Should you require further information concerning the machines or their working methods, please contact our technical department, which will be pleased to provide further information.


Brass, aluminium , steel


The HTFR series (gas-fired + the E version, i.e. electric) is designed to treat material placed in bins, which are moved by means of rollers.


Maestri builds this type of furnaces in modules (of different sizes depending on the material to be processed), and this allows you to structure your line exactly as you need it. Depending on the hourly output you need, the technical specifications you have to meet or the layout of your company, we can offer you a wide range of solutions.

And if in a few years’ time you need to change something, add or remove a module, it won’t be a problem.

We can compose your furnace by adding loading roller conveyors, controlled cooling tunnels, solubilization lifts, palletizing systems or warehouses.

We can offer you linear, ring or L-shaped systems, or in any case we can study the most suitable solution with you.


The accessibility to the machine components is engineered in such a way as to make maintenance operations as easy as possible.

This is mainly because we think in advance about how it should be carried out, and we take care to simplify everything as much as possible, so that we can carry out our work punctually and efficiently.

Control and programming

Programming a thermal cycle must be easy and intuitive, which is why we have designed a software to help you carry out your work.

All you have to do is draw the desired heating curve on the machine panel and set a few intuitive work parameters to create a new program that is easy to consult and understand.

The help of graphics is important to facilitate all operations, which is why we create views of your machine and report the commands directly on the drawing, to help the operator to have everything under control.

In addition, the software keeps track of everything that happens, and at the end of each cycle can independently generate reports, where all the parameters of the process are schematically represented.

If you were to run the machine unmanned at night, the software considers the process parameters to be achieved, and in the event of an error, it provides a warning in the morning with the relevant details.

Constant connection

You can always monitor the machine, from the office or directly from your smartphone.

You can install diagnostics systems that keep you up to date on any machine downtime or production delays, even when you’re not at the plant, by means of alerts and information that can also be viewed from your mobile phone.

You can have the cycles programmed by the technical office, so that the operators only have to load the material onto the machine and start the treatment, also allowing you to view the working status of the furnace in real time.

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