Manufacturing an industrial furnace is much more than building a high-performance piece of equipment: it is creating a complete machine that can make a difference in terms of efficiency and safety thanks to automation.

26 April 2023

Efficient production: the automation of our industrial furnaces

The design of a furnace or a machine cannot be separated from the analysis of the automation to be integrated, to develop a project that includes all the elements to achieve the customer’s objective and, at the same time, simplify the workflow.

Here are some of the advantages of the automation we can implement in our solutions.

Simplification of production process management

The reheating process has numerous parameters to monitor: thanks to automation, we can integrate a software that takes charge of all the variables to be monitored and intervenes in emergency situations.

This allows a single operator to work on several machines, reducing the risk of human error and streamlining activities.

Optimizing performance as required

With our automation systems it is possible to have a complete and periodic overview of machine performance, so that the health of the production line can be identified according to mathematical models.

In addition, the automations make it possible to monitor productivity in relation to consumption data, to have plant performance under control in order to evaluate and draw up production costs according to expected quality.

The ability to easily cross-check data makes it possible to assess the economic effort, energy efficiency and use of resources required to achieve a given goal.

All of this can be integrated with digital factory planning and supervision systems, making such decisions automatic and based on statistical data.

Some of the parameters that can be monitored are:

  • tooling times
  • downtime
  • alarms
  • active maintenance monitoring
  • active operator code
  • gas consumption
  • electricity consumption
  • pieces per minute
  • kg/h
  • pieces per day
  • heating optimisation indicator

Operator presence only required in the loading area

Through automation, the processes of adjusting load and production rate can be linked to an item number: this allows the machine to adjust itself, limiting the presence of the operator to the loading area of the machine and thus increasing the level of safety.

Total and remote control of the workflow

Thanks to automated supervision systems and the presence of all the parameters digitized and available remotely, it is possible to have an accurate and constant monitoring of the production process, so as to intervene promptly in the event of problems or machine downtime.

The systems record events and working parameters 24 hours a day, which are always available and can be consulted conveniently from the computer.

Easy-to-set heating curve

Setting up a heat cycle should be simple and intuitive, which is why it is useful to have software to help you do this job.

Thanks to automation, it is in fact sufficient to draw the desired heating curve on the machine panel and set a few immediately comprehensible working parameters to create a new program, which can be easily consulted and is clear to all operators.

These are just some of the advantages that can be obtained by integrating automation into the furnaces and machines we produce: if you want to find out what we can do for your project, contact us!


Screenshot from our monitoring software

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