Space management and worker safety are two fundamental aspects for any company involved in the storage and handling of materials. And it is precisely these objectives that the new automatic warehouse we have recently installed aims at.

5 May 2023

More safety and efficiency: our new automated warehouse

Through the new machinery, we can manage the stock of material at our plant telematically, always having a clear idea of the type and quantity of extrusions available.

Another advantage of the automated warehouse concerns the safety of our workers. Thanks to the presence of an overhead crane operating in the warehouse area, it is no longer necessary to work at height for the slinging of bars and extrusions, or to manually place them on the racks. All operations can be carried out safely using the machine, thus reducing the risk of accidents at work.

The warehouse structure has a total height of 10.5 meters, distributed over two towers and a basement previously used for other purposes. The machine, equipped with 39 drawers with a unit load capacity of 3,000 kg each, has a total capacity of 117 tonnes.

Concerning loading and unloading operations, the material outlet on the ground floor is parallel to the roller way of our main cutter. Using a multi-touch panel, the operator can request the material he needs, and the machine brings the corresponding drawer to the operation area, which is protected by photoelectric barriers. In addition, with the overhead crane, the operator can pick up the profiles he needs and place them on the roller conveyor of the cutter. At the end of the cuts, the material is placed in its drawer.

The loading bay is equipped with cells that automatically weigh the drawer and record the withdrawals made in the machine’s memory. In this way, it is possible to keep track of all loading and unloading operations in real time, optimizing warehouse management and production planning.

Finally, the automatic warehouse is equipped with a remote assistance system, which connects it remotely with the manufacturer. In the event of anomalies or breakdowns, in fact, our technological partner can intervene promptly to solve any problem.

All in all, our new warehouse represents a major investment, allowing us to improve space management, increase the safety of our workers and optimize production.

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