Our company’s bond with the territory that hosts it has deep roots and is renewed year after year thanks to our participation in activities that protect the culture, artistic heritage, and social life of our municipality.

30 May 2023

Valuing our roots: our commitment to the territory

This is because we want to support initiatives that contribute to the growth and wellbeing of the area, the preservation of its historical and cultural heritage, and the organization of occasions to “be all together”.

And it is precisely among these that we include the Festa di Sant’Anna (Feast of St. Anne), to which we have special ties and which every year is a convivial occasion of great attractiveness, thanks to food stands, musical entertainment and activities promoting our past rural civilization.

Since its inception in 1964, as a natural transformation of what had become over the years a well-established peasant gathering in front of the small church of St. Anne and St. Joachim, the festival has maintained its popular character and aims to strengthen relations between people, celebrate cooperation and pass on, especially to the younger generation, the testimonies and achievements of the generations that preceded us.

Today, the Gruppo Sant’Anna, an association that has been organizing the festival since 1964, has come to manage up to 1500 seats at the same time, involving around 170 volunteers.

The Maestri family is actively involved in its organization and provides voluntary work, along with many of the company’s employees.

In addition, they provide logistical support and build some of the machinery that is used to prepare the food (grills, spit roasters, etc.).

Grandfather Piero, in fact, has always supported the Group, right from the beginning of its activity. Today, the tradition continues with his grandson Andrea, part of the management committee.

The proceeds of the event are reinvested for the upkeep of the Group’s assets (marquee, equipment, maintenance of the festival spaces) and donated to charity, especially for the associations operating in the area of our municipality.

We are proud to be part of this area and we would like to show our gratitude by helping to shape initiatives and activities that promote its well-being.

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