Craftsmanship know-how, offering our customers tailor-made solutions that help improve their business has always been a priority for us. But how best to communicate all that we can do for our customers?

9 November 2022

Same quality and values, but a new image: our brand identity journey

In order to clearly and comprehensively outline the identity of our company, what benefits it offers to those who choose it, and to highlight our method, we embarked on a brand identity journey, which recently took the form of our new website.

We examined all the aspects that make us who we are, delving into our values, our mission and the skills we put at the service of our customers.

Reviewing our working method and all the activities we carry out has also allowed us to give shape to what we have called the “Maestri Method”, through which we support the customer from the analysis of needs, through the design to the manufacturing of the industrial furnace and related services, as well as maintenance plans and spare parts management.

The first step to give substance to this work was the restyling of the website, which involved a complete overhaul of the structure and design of the site, which is now in line with the contemporary graphic style and facilitates the use of content, which was equalized with what emerged during the development of the brand identity.

This was just the first step to start communicating to the market who we are and how we can meet the demands of many sectors: we invite you to browse the site to find out all about our company!

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