The innovations in our company continue, after the integration of an automatic warehouse, which we mentioned in this article.

25 July 2023

Maestri Forni shines in new light: the new LED lighting system

This time it is an ambitious project in the name of sustainability and the well-being of those who live in our company every day: the complete replacement of the factory lighting with LED technology.

We removed the old 32 lighting points, each with an average consumption of 750 W/h, and replaced them with 40 new LED lights with an average consumption of only 250 W/h. The results were immediate and remarkable: energy consumption was reduced from 24 KW/h to 11 KW/h in the plants, representing a significant cut in energy costs for the company.

This means not only significant savings, but also more efficient lighting in the workspaces.

In addition to the sustainability and energy efficiency benefits, the quality of lighting is also significantly improved. LED lights offer more uniform light and higher colour rendering than conventional light sources. This results in a more pleasant working environment and improved visual attention of operators during their daily work.

 In the coming months, our company is also preparing to replace the lights in our offices. This initiative will make it possible to extend the benefits of LED technology to administrative spaces as well, ensuring a harmonious and more environmentally friendly working environment for all team members.

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