Aluminium is one of the most widely used raw materials in industry due to its ductility, lightness and resistance to oxidation as well as corrosion. To meet the needs of our customers, we have developed a series of chain furnaces for moulding this metal.

14 June 2023

Uniformity, precision, efficiency: our furnaces for aluminum alloys

Let’s take a look at the main advantages of our solutions for heating aluminum alloy blanks.

Homogeneous heating

The indirect heating technique is ideal for the treatment of aluminum: the workpiece is heated gradually and evenly in all its sections and in the different moulding phases, guaranteeing an oxidation-free workpiece surface and a precise, homogeneous heating.


Even in a metal heating furnace customization, the integration of the machine into the business process, is essential.

For each project, everything can be selected: type of loading system, transport into the chamber, electric or gas heating, type of unloading system and automation.

Every detail needs to be treated with the attention it deserves, which is why we are committed to offering a solution for every production requirement.

Innovative heating

We are proud to present from 2023 a new type of chamber, with even better results than those achieved so far, where the indirect type of heating presents a revolution in the arrangement of the heating elements, to achieve unrivalled uniformity, absolute precision in homogeneity and temperature control.

Back in 2018 we introduced the revolutionary reverse-type air turn, which pushed the bar in aluminium heating really high, today we have taken it a step further, further increasing the efficiency and potential of this solution, with new upgrades.

Polished surfaces

Indirect heating and the use of a multi-blade loader combined with an NC loading gantry ensure a flawless surface, as it is free of the typical defects associated with exposure to aggressive heating methods or due to the impacts of an inaccurate loading system.

Efficient automation

The furnaces are fully automated and allow parts to be handled and processed quickly and neatly, with minimal intervention of an operator, mainly in the software setup phase, drastically reducing the risk of human error.

Are you looking for a customized furnace for aluminum alloy? Discover more and contact us to find out what we can do for you:

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